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Hi there!  Are you ready to turn that artistic entertaining skill into a REAL business?


I'm Diane Spadola and I can teach you how to pivot for the Pandemic and make money with your skills. 


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Are you an artistic entertainer who does face painting, balloons, caricatures, clowning or magic? 

Are you struggling because you can't do what you used to do...the way you used to do it?

The new world is a Covid -world:  a world with no gigs, and stringent safe distancing and PPE requirements.

Do you need to pivot your business, but don't know which direction to take?

Do you need help figuring out what to do with your current skills to support your clients and continue to spread joy? 

I can help.

provide business and marketing support to artists and entertainers who want to COVID-proof their businesses and grow in the new economy. 

This includes: 


Knowing your superpower


Identifying and finding your Ideal Client


Making yourself known online 


Having confidence when putting yourself "out there" 


Serving instead of selling


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If you are interested in intensive training with me (weekly classes, accountability and more) I have two signature courses:

Accelerate Your Success, the 6 month Business Booster Program.

REV Up Your Business, intensive 12 week program that teaches step-by-step, what to do to enhance  your marketing and grow your business in 90 days.

The Driver's Seat

A paid Membership Group to allow you to take advantage of all the past training webinars, plus 12 months of content and coaching, for one low monthly price. Think of it as a "VIP group" for those who want to learn at a slower pace (and less expensively) than the intensive courses.

Resources and Tools 

No one should have to reinvent the wheel or make the same mistakes that I did when I was first starting out. I have some resources, systems and processes in place and you can take advantage of them here:

Marketing Assessment for Your Website 

The AYS Resource Guide

Thursday Afternoon Tune-ups

I coach solo artists and entertainers how to combine their skills with their passions, turning the result into a career, a business and impacting the world by spreading more JOY! 

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If your learning style prefers one-to-one coaching, I offer a 3-session package, which totals 4 hours.  Send me an email, we will discuss what's right for you, and that first half hour discovery call is FREE.  

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About Me

In 1986, I graduated from Boston University with an MBA and was lucky enough to have a long career in Big Pharma. I was inspired and highly motivated to contribute to the company's growth for 17 years. Progressing through positions of greater responsibility in sales, marketing, business development and organizational development (H.R.). But in 2001, I had started a hobby, learning to change my children into the animal and/or character of their choice...and all I wanted to do was work with children, making them happy.  I quite my corporate job, and have never looked back.

In 2002, I established a tiny face painting, party entertainment company in New Jersey, having no idea how to run my own business as a solo entertainer.  But I learned a lot, and, made lots of mistakes.  Since that time I have become a teacher and an author, founded a guild, taught hundreds of other painters, represented the International Face Painting Association in North America and expanded my business to another (distant location).  

In the last few years, I began coaching and teaching artists and entertainers specifically about business and marketing, via Accelerate Your Success programming and my private Facebook group, Accelerate Your Success.

Welcome to my website. Have a look around, take advantage of the free twice monthly newsletter, and let me know how I can help you Accelerate Your Success and support the life you deserve.